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Welcome to the FPV Trade Association

“Promote and Protect the Joy of FPV”

The FPV Trade Association (“FPVTA”) was founded in July of 2014 in the USA to help protect the FPV hobby and the hobbyists that enjoy it.

Our Mission

To promote safe FPV operation in the USA and protect the wonderful hobby that is FPV. We're focused to avert any unreasonable restriction of the FPV hobby. We support established model aviation bodies (such as the AMA) to fight for our rights as hobbyists and businesses.

FPVTA & AMA Affiliation

The Academy of Model Aeronautics ("AMA") is an affiliate of the FPVTA. With nearly 170,000 members, the AMA is the largest community of aviation modelers in the USA. The FPVTA will be working with the AMA to ensure that the FPV hobby continues its astonishing growth of the past few years and is always enjoyed safely. Both organizations are committed to protecting the hobby from unreasonable regulatory oversight and unnecessary restrictions.

What is FPV?

FPV ("First Person View") is a part of the Model Aviation hobby that focuses on flying the model with video transmission technology that provides the pilot a live image on the ground via TV monitor or goggles. It is one of the fastest growing aspects of model aviation attracting long time hobbyists as well as young pilots joining the hobby for the first time.

Watch this informative video from FliteTest about the issues the model aviation and FPV hobby are facing.

Why it Matters

In July 2014, the FAA published their "interpretation" of the laws established by Congress to protect Model Aviation (Public Law 112-95 / Section 336 — "a special rule for model aircraft"). In their "interpretation", the FAA explicitly calls out forms of model flight that, they say, do not qualify as model aviation and therefore fall under the jurisdiction of the FAA and their regulations applicable to full-scale aircraft operation. Read the full FAA publication.

While the law specifically exempts recreational model aircraft from any new regulation, the FAA is "interpreting" it to mean that they can impose new rules and regulations on forms of model aviation that do not fall within their definition of what it means to fly a model for recreational hobby purposes. This effectively tries to make it illegal to fly FPV where hobbyists fly with the aid of video goggles and/or monitors.

The FAA has also stated that it may take enforcement action against hobbyists if it deems it appropriate without communicating what its safety parameters are. This is an attempt to ignore Section 336 of the law and opens the door to arbitrary enforcement and prosecution.

Safety First!

The FPVTA is comprised of companies that promote safe operation of model aircraft, including FPV, and supports the rules established by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). The established community developed rules in effect in the USA ensure hobbyists enjoy model aviation and FPV in a responsible and safe manner.

The FPVTA does not support unsafe FPV operation or individuals that choose to fly over densely populated areas, near airports, and similar activity.

Check out the FPV rules established by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).


Our current members and supporters include the following companies.

Come and Join Us!

The FPVTA is a non-profit organization and open to all companies that have a stake in the FPV segment within model aviation. Future members share our goals of protecting and promoting the FPV hobby. Rather than launch individual company efforts, the FPVTA coordinates our efforts as an industry. The FPVTA has professional legal representation and other resources that are valuable to companies with a stake in FPV.

To join the FPVTA, please take a look at our membership page.

Member Companies